White Cardboard Boxes

White Cardboard BoxesWhite cardboard boxes are normally used for packaging and shipping, organization, storage, and often used in the food and retail industries. Companies that aim for a cleaner look on their packaging but also want a strong and durable box, prefer white cardboard boxes.

Many different businesses use white cardboard boxes. They can be seen in any office setting to file storage and organize, or in retail settings as gift boxes for clothing and jewelry. You can see white cardboard boxes in a few varieties. Most come in a square shape with flaps that fold into one another, or they can be made up of two pieces with a removeable lid. The food and baking industries use these boxes often as cake and bakery boxes because of their durability and improved appearance. Amongst other options, these cardboard boxes tend to be a little more expensive since it requires bleaching, dying, and/or a coating to give the boxes a white finish. Some white cardboard boxes are coated with a glossy finish to act as a protective waterproof sealant. Although these boxes are not meant for permanent storage, they are less expensive than other packing materials such as plastic or wood, and make a great temporary container.

When purchasing white cardboard boxes, there are two different color applications to look out for. To obtain the white color on cardboard, bleaching or mottling is involved. Depending on your application for the boxes, one process may be more beneficial. Bleaching consists of using harsh chemicals to remove the dark brown color of the cardboard. Surfactants and defoamers are usually used in the process to improve the quality and speed of the application. Mottling is another option to obtain a white color on cardboard boxes. Mottling forms a spotted pattern printed on the cardboards surface. Using white ink, it is applied to the brown cardboard with a sponge or fiber spray. Some may see this process favorable since it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals, but it does wear away easier. Companies in the food and baking industry may prefer this option.

Overall, white cardboard boxes are popular because they are far more attractive than standard cardboard, much smoother, and can be easily identifiable with writing or labeling. Like most cardboard, they are sold in bulk bundles and folded into shape by the buyer.