Folding Boxes

Folded BoxesFolding boxes come as a single configuration with flaps that fold into one another making it into a box shape. These boxes are usually used as storage or shipping containers for businesses. This type of box is advantageous because it does not require the use of adhesives or tape which can reduce shipping costs for companies. Any company that produces products are in need of a way to process and ship those products; cardboard boxes are universally the most popular tool for those processes. Since cardboard boxes are used to many different processes, they come in many varieties to best suit each industry. Folding cardboard boxes are perfect for the storage of medium weight objects such as most food items.

Folding boxes are often made of both paper-base products as well as other materials similar to plastic. Many are constructed from a variety of materials, but most commonly are cardboard. Folding boxes are sold unassembled in bulk, then assembled at their place of application. Such as cereal boxes and many other boxes that stores product, they are often perforated, cut or pleated by machines such as die-cutters. This process makes the folding much easier for users and cut down on labor costs for companies. With these perforated or pleated boxes, they are able to be re-used, taken apart, and re-folded many times. Folding boxes can be made in virtually any size or shape, making them very popular and useful in almost every industry. Companies that are environmentally forward often prefer folding boxes because they are easily recycled and advertised as such.